Key ingredients


Lanolin's beneficial effects on the human skin and hair have been known and valued by humans for thousands of years. This natural emollient is absorbed by the skin, restoring its correct moisture balance and softness without impairing natural skin functions. As such, it is an ideal and widely used ingredient in toiletries, personal-care products and medical applications.

Placental Protein

Placental protein (ovine in origin) is a unique source of bioactive compounds that are easily absorbed and penetrate deep into skin layers. The rich nutrients contained within placental protein helps promote cell renewal, improves elasticity and nourishes your skin.


Derived from marine life, collagen;

  • Provides essential moisture and structure to help your skin restore its elasticity;
  • Treats dry skin and reduces the visible signs of ageing;
  • Improves surface cell structure, firmness and smoothness of your skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an emollient gum resin which comes from the Aloe Vera plant; with a cooling and hydrating effect on the skin. Beneficial for cooling and soothing sensitive, irritated or sun-exposed skin.


Vitamin A

Assists in creating stronger, healthier skin cells.  Stimulates new collagen production to assist with reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture

Vitamin C

    An antioxidant, vitamin C helps reduce free radical cell formation. Assists with stabilising collagen production.

    Vitamin E

    Displays anti-inflammatory properties and as an antioxidant, vitamin E helps reduce free radical cell formation. A natural preservative.

    Vitamin Pro B5

     Assists in combating the signs of aging, and also moisturises and softens the skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Helps to improve suppleness, elasticity and the rejuvenation of dry, dull looking skin.


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