About us

New Zealand is renowned for its wonderful green and lush pastureland, and the splendour and number of sheep which graze on it. Our marine life is prolific and bountiful, our climate temperate and kind to farmers and fishermen alike. From this wonderland of nature and combined with modern science, the JC new zealand story began.

Sheep farmers have long known the deep emollient properties of the natural oils, or lanolin, that is found in sheep wool.

As children helping in the shearing shed, picking up scraps of wool and sweeping the unwanted small pieces away, we were fascinated by the way our hands felt at the end of the day. Our mothers and aunts told us about the natural oils present in the sheep’s wool that protected and nurtured the skin, one of the reasons why wool is such a wonder product in itself.

This childhood experience in the lush, green Waikato region (located just south of Auckland) has helped form our company’s vision to provide products that are derived from the essence of New Zealand, products that celebrate all that is natural and good from the land, clean ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Our company has created an expansive range of products utilising the natural elements of nature which have uncommon results. Our products are specially formulated to improve skin elasticity and provide extensive and deep moisturising benefits to help combat wrinkles and the effects of ageing.

New Zealand’s unique heritage has inspired us to provide you with the best in quality skincare.

New Zealand inspired, New Zealand made.

Who are we?
First registered in 2000, JC new zealand is based in Auckland and is a fully owned subsidiary of Kaia Distribution.

Quality Assured
JC new zealand skincare products promote healthy skin and use only raw ingredients of the highest quality that meet and adhere to the rigorous specifications of the CTFA (Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association).

We do not use mineral oil or parabens in our natural formulations.

Nor do we test on animals.

Our team of internationally experienced professionals develop, test and constantly monitor our manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and functionality are maintained for all JC new zealand products.

Who is the JC new zealand sheep?
The sheep found on all JC new zealand packaging is the famous Romney breed of sheep.  The New Zealand Romney has a long history originating from the Romney Marshes of Kent in the south of England. 

The first importations of Romney sheep to New Zealand were in 1843 and today New Zealand Romney make up over half of the 40 million sheep farmed in New Zealand!  It seems only natural that we would use the famous Romney to grace our packaging.

Romney sheep with their young lambs.

 Romney sheep on a farm in the Waikato, New Zealand.

Romney sheep grazing on lush pasture in the Waikato region of New Zealand.
Mount Maungatautari, an ecological sanctuary, features in the background.