About lanolin

The benefits of lanolin have been known for hundreds of years, widely touted for its soothing, moisturising and healing properties. Lanolin is a natural emollient found in sheep's wool, which has been shown to penetrate skin cells themselves, assisting to hydrate and protect dry skin.

In lanolin, Mother Nature has given sheep a natural nourisher and protector against the extremes of the environment they live in. When sheep are shorn (the sheep is not harmed!) the wool is washed, processed and the lanolin oil extracted and refined so that we may also enjoy its wonderful benefits.

Lanolin is extremely similar to the natural oils that we humans produce from within our own skin, which makes it a perfect choice for repairing and nourishing our skin! 

Our skin is constantly leached of much needed oils due to the conditions in our fast-paced lives; washing, pollution, air-conditioning, changes in climate (just to name a few), and lanolin's compatibility makes it a wise choice for our skin. 

Nature is abundant with materials that are beneficial to humans and our well-being. Lanolin is one such material, soothing and nurturing dry skin.

Not only is lanolin a great choice to achieve healthy skin it is also a truly sustainable choice for our planet.  A sheep's wool, from which Lanolin is extracted, grows back after shearing; a truly renewable and sustainable resource with minimal impact on our environment. 

Romney sheep in the Waikato region, New Zealand.